Take our children off the streets and enroll them in schools

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The title of this editorial surely strikes a chord in every adult Sierra Leonean. Far too many of our children are on the streets and living wild. We have for many years had a problem of streetism because of a combination of circumstances. We have produced cohorts of children who lack the wherewithal to effectively fit within the society that we, the more fortunate ones have designed. The children have become misfits and we are paying a collective price.

Plastics here Plastics there, Plastics everywhere!! We can do better

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As I sip water from my plastic sachet, I can't help but wonder where the plastics will end up! Maybe it will end up on the gutter, clogging the water ways, littering our streets, or on our precious soil affecting the food chain, or back in my stomach - who knows?

Plastics pollute our oceans and bays, damage our drainage infrastructure and litter our neighbourhoods. They clog up our drainage systems and contribute to flooding.

Medium-Term National Development plan: A call for people's participation and ownership

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Today I will touch on a topic for which two sayings are particularly relevant. The first is the saying that goes: "Failing to plan is planning to fail," by Benjamin Franklin. The second is "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there," by Lewis Carrol. 

It is on the pillars of the above quotations that I wish to draw attention to the ongoing engagements on the Medium-Term National Development plan.

The Sierra Leone Medium Term National Development Plan 2019 - 2023 themed 'Education for Development'  aims to promote a new direction for improving People's Lives through Education, Inclusive Growth, and Building a Resilient Economy.


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This week (August 7 - 14, 2020) is World Mask Week. A week set aside as part of a global move to inspire people to wear face coverings to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Fellow Country men and women, we are in the middle of a pandemic that is caused by a disease for which we have no available drug or vaccine. Our available tools for prevention remain basic. The health experts place an onus on us to be individually and collectively responsible. Hand hygiene (washing of hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizers), social distancing, and mask-wearing are our frontline tools for now. While none of these is 100% protective, face covering has become increasingly important as lockdowns are eased and people seek a full return to public life.

Please join me wish Maria Brewer - Tenki and Adios

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When Maria Brewer Ambassador Nominee to the Republic of Sierra Leone appeared before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on July 26, 2017  her opening remarks recognised her husband Mark and eight-year-old daughter, Arina thanking them for their constant love and support.

Three years on Mark and Arina stood with her as His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio conferred and presented the Commander of the Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone Award for "her role in solidifying the bond of history, culture, and friendship between the Republic of Sierra Leone and the United States of America."

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