Kingho President Promise to optimise Tonkolili Iron Ore to Globally Competitive Grade
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Kingho President Promise to optimise Tonkolili Iron Ore to Globally Competitive Grade

Kingho President Promise to optimise Tonkolili Iron Ore to Globally Competitive Grade

Kingho President Promise to optimise Tonkolili Iron Ore to Globally Competitive Grade

Sunday 23rd May 2021/ Bumbuna Town, Tonkolili District: President of Kingho Energy Group, Colin Ding has promised to optimise the Tonkolili Iron Ore grade from 52% to more than 65% so that the company’s product will be globally competitive.

Mr Ding made this statement during a community engagement ceremony held in Bumbuna Town, Dasogoia Chiefdom- one of the mining chiefdoms in the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone. Whilst dilating, the Kingho head said “our visit this time is to reveal the Phase II of our project for the Tonkolili Iron Mine,” adding that this phase of the project is going to involve designing and building an optimization plant that will increase the grade and value of the Tonkolili Iron Ore from 52% to more than 65% Iron. 

Mr Ding added that the designing and building of an optimization plant will be the first time in the history of the Tonkolili Mine that the Iron Ore mined will leave the mine with such a globally competitive grade. He said “Kingho is not here just to mine what we meet but we are also going to add value to what we mine right here in Sierra Leone.”

In addition, the Kingho President assured that once this phase starts, the product the company export will have higher value and there will be more revenue coming to the Government of Sierra Leone and the 1% amount paid to the communities will also increase.

Against this backdrop, the Kingho President used the opportunity to thank the stakeholders for their patience during the challenges the company was faced with. He said “your support has provided comfort for us and increase our confidence to invest more and do more in terms of business development in the communities and increase our community development projects.”

On his side, CEO of Kingho Investment Company, Gilbert Zhao whilst making his remarks assured that all of what Kingho has started doing in its operational communities is just the beginning. He said that Kingho’s ambition is to grow stronger with the communities. He added that “the developments we will bring into your communities will benefit the youths, women and children as our community development support plans covers agriculture, health, education, water and sanitation.”

Meanwhile, earlier on in the programme, Director of Community Affairs Kingho Investment Company, Madam Judith Kosseh whilst stating the purpose of the meeting said the company has done much in its three (3) mining chiefdoms of Dasogoia, Simiria and Sambaia and that they are gathered to showcase the various things Kingho has succeeded in bringing to the people of Tonkolili District.

Paramount Chief of Dasogoia Chiefdom who chaired the meeting and spoke on behalf of the people of the mining communities emphasized on the importance of the meeting with the mining communities. He said the decision of the Kingho President to come from China and deliberate with them shows that the interest of the people is at the heartbeat of Kingho’s development programmes.

Biankay Bangura, one of the land owners from Simiria Chiefdom said that they are very optimistic that the model of community engagement Kingho has used will bring more people onboard including creating more job opportunities and empowering the people. He said he is hopeful that will benefit them the land owners. He said he is hopeful that Kingho will show difference for its previous predecessor companies.

Sierra Leone Police Local Unit Commander Tonkolili District, Alphonso A Fambulleh called on the people to always seek redress from the appropriate authorities. He called on people to never take things on themselves. However, he called on the company to go strictly by the mining industry regulations especially on issues regarding employment

Several other stakeholders from all the three mining communities and the Tonkolili District spoke at the auspicious programme, which was accompanied by the symbolic handing over of the rehabilitated school at Kegbema Community to the Deputy Director of Education Tonkolili District and also the launch of the Women in Agriculture Project in all three mining chiefdoms. The programme was climaxed with traditional performances by the people who warmly welcomed the Kingho staff.

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