Ministry of Health to Benefit from $2.1m STRIATA Deployment Funding
Ibraahim Sesay
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Ministry of Health to Benefit from $2.1m STRIATA Deployment Funding

Ministry of Health to Benefit from $2.1m STRIATA Deployment Funding

Ministry of Health to Benefit from $2.1m STRIATA Deployment Funding

Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) will be among two other countries' health sectors that will be benefiting from the deployment of STRIATA in their health systems.

In 2020, Macro-Eyes supported the Government of Sierra Leone's COVID-19 response by partnering with the MoHS and the Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI), to build and pilot STRIATA-Infrastructure - an intelligent health systems index providing visibility into the health systems readiness as a whole - including health facility infrastructure, materials, supplies, and human resources.

The technology was deployed to support critical decisions by the ministry on where to send limited COVID-19 resources given the greatest need. The success of STRIATA in Sierra Leone led to the deployment of the technology across the state of California in the United States.

This additional funding will support two years of STRIATA deployment in Sierra Leone. Strategic rollout and preliminary use cases are being guided by MoHS through the Intelligent Health Systems Technical Working Group facilitated by Macro-Eyes.

The expansion in Sierra Leone will focus on integrating the optimization module into STRIATA to generate precision and efficiency for the supply chain network and human resources for health.

 STRIATA is precise at a national scale.

"With STRIATA, it is easier to know what is happening in complex health systems despite the challenges of data completeness and quality. STRIATA is changing the way health systems data is analyzed with rapid speed and precision- only something AI can help us do," said Ashley Schmidt, Macro-Eyes Senior Program Manager

Macro-Eyes will also deploy expert in-the-loop machine learning to capture ground truth context for enhancing STRIATA's intelligence. Macro-Eyes is yet to announce the two additional countries where they will deploy STRIATA under this funding.

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