VP Jalloh to Launch SL’s Health Governance and COVID-19 Response Report
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VP Jalloh to Launch SL’s Health Governance and COVID-19 Response Report

VP Jalloh to Launch SL’s Health Governance and COVID-19 Response Report

VP Jalloh to Launch SL’s Health Governance and COVID-19 Response Report

By Musa Kamara

The Hon Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh will on Thursday, 12th August, 2021 launched the Targeted Review on Sierra Leone’s Health Governance and COVID-19 Response Report at the Bintumani Conference Centre, Aberdeen, Freetown.

This disclosure was made by the Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Mr Amara Kallon during the usual Thursday Weekly Government Press briefing at the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) Conference Hall, Youyi Building, Brookfields, Freetown, informing members of the press that, the Government of Sierra Leone is in partnership with the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)  to do the launching.

The Deputy Minister in his statements, pointed out that the mandate of APRM entails reviews centered on “Country Review Report and Targeted Review Report,” wherein, Sierra Leone as one of the pioneer countries of the Targeted Reviews, has received a tap on the back as one amongst first 4 countries that undertook a successful Targeted Review on “Health Governance and COVID-19 Response in 2020.”

“From implementation period to date, four (4) countries have carried out Targeted Reviews in different themes/topics of national interest,” he enlightened.

Prior to the scheduled date for the launch of the Report, Deputy Minister Kallon informed that, there will be a proposed “harmonization workshop” in Sierra Leone to be championed by APRM Continental Secretariat, scheduled for the 10th and 11th August 202.

The workshop he told pressmen, would be held as a result of the Base Document of APRM which specifies- the ultimate end-product of the core mandate of the mechanism, to provoke the development of a comprehensive National Plan of Action  as aligned with Sierra Leone’s National Development Plan, to aid implementation of the Report’s recommendations and address the governance challenges identified in the country.

He underscored the relevance of APRM’s Continental Secretariat which according to him ensures championing good governance across Africa on the thematic areas of Democracy and Political Governance; Economic Governance and Management; Corporate Governance; and Socioeconomic Development.

As part of its mission to Sierra Leone, Deputy Minister Kallon mentioned that the APRM team will also hold engagement on “State Resilience to Shocks and Disasters,” which features the AU Biennial Report (2015-2018) - that exposes Africa as a disaster prone continent with approximately 98 disasters per year.

Due to the growing catastrophes hitting the continent of Africa, the Deputy Minister noted that the APRM team, intends bringing Member States and experts such as United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Regional Office for Africa, WHO Africa Region, Africa CDC, academic institutions, etc. - in a capacity building workshop on state resilience to shocks and disasters, and with assurances of building on the existing research findings, that includes the Targeted Review on Sierra Leone. Such stakeholders’ engagement is scheduled for the 13th and 14th August 2021, he concluded.

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